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I have been in the property management business for over 20 yrs. Deciding I did not like the way Owners and Tenants were being treated I decided to open my own business in 2006.

 I sold my business to Michelle in 2022 so I can semi-retire!!!! She will carry on doing business with INTEGRITY.

Dee Dee Hulverson

Michelle is the Broker who has been in property management since 2004.  She has been a part of Integrity Plus since 2007 starting as a secretary and moving on to get licensed in 2011and then to become Broker in 2022.  She is dedicated to performing her duties as a Broker and enjoys the responsibilities that come with property management.

She is a Casa Grande, Arizona native.  

Her goals are to continue the business with Integrity as Dee Dee had set out her mission in 2006.

Michelle B Miller, Broker
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